N2N Leasing and Fleet management services

Maruti Suzuki's N2N 'Leasing and Fleet Management Services', as the name suggests, takes care of all the end-to-end needs of a Corporate Fleet. N2N offers corporate clients a hassle-free experience of owning a car, through comprehensive services like Leasing, Maintenance, Convenience services and Re-marketing. Maruti Suzuki is the first automobile manufacturer to tailor-make Lease solutions for corporate clients and we have been satisfactorily serving our clients for more than a decade now.

What is Leasing?

  • It is essentially a way of obtaining a vehicle for a defined period of time (tenure)

  • It is a mode for financing a Residual Value (RV) based product (RV - Residual Value is the value which the car is likely to fetch at the end of the tenure)

  • You only pay for usage of the asset for a time period fixed by you

What is Fleet Management?

  • Fleet management as an offering means taking care of all vehicle related needs

  • Following services are normally offered through fleet management:

  • Vehicle Acquisition

    • Comprehensive Vehicle Acquisition Program with single window solution

    • Insurance, registration and road tax management services

  • Insurance Cover

    • A comprehensive Insurance Renewal and Accident Management Program with virtually cash-less claim transactions

    • Zero-Depreciation policy for full accidental cover

  • Vehicle Maintenance

    • A comprehensive OEM-backed Full-Service Maintenance Program

    • Tyre/battery replacements as per OEM recommendations

    • Extensive MIS reporting of car's condition from time to time

    • Emergency support services

    • Replacement vehicles in case maintenance down-time is more than 24 hours

  • Vehicle Remarketing

    • A Vehicle Resale Program for your fleet

    • Hassle-free resale of vehicles through Maruti Suzuki's Pre-Owned Car channels

Our Leasing products:

  • Operating Lease (with or without maintenance)

  • Finance Lease (with or without maintenance)

Benefits under N2N:

  • Maintain a healthy balance sheet - Off balance-sheet transaction

  • Save on Income Tax - Rentals can be claimed as expense

  • Save more - VAT benefit under N2N leasing

  • Hedge risk against fluctuating market value and resale price of the vehicle

  • Monthly rental fixed - Long term accurate budgeting

  • No down payment - No blocking of funds

  • Complete Fleet Care - Scheduled maintenance by authorized workshops

  • Zero depreciation accidental cover

  • Increase in liquidity for your company

  • Choice to keep or return the vehicle at the end of lease tenure

N2N leasing and Fleet Management solutions are the best way to own the cars you all love!

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