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Terms and Conditions | Alto 800

Win with Alto 800 – Test Drive and Booking Campaign

Terms and Conditions for the Scratch Card

1. This limited period offer is available for Indian citizens of age 18 years and above only.

2. This offer is only valid for the customers of Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) who have booked a Maruti Alto Model

from any of the authorized Dealerships and Showrooms of MSIL across India, except the state of Tamil Nadu. The

scheme is valid from 1

3. MSIL reserves the right to withdraw/suspend/cancel this offer without prior notice and without assigning any reason


4. In order to receive the assured gifts mentioned under the scratch the recipient has to send the following through

reputed courier or registered post to the central gift distribution office of Team Promotions Private Limited (TPPL),

st July 2016 to 31st July 2016 only.

o Completely filled original Gift Claim Form with Original scratch card with Team Promotions hologram. The

name of the recipient might be cross-checked with MSIL before delivering the gifts.

o A photocopy of the valid driving license of the customer.

o A photocopy of the booking amount receipt in the name of the customer.

5. Central gift distribution office address: Team Promotions Private Limited, C-30, 2

Delhi-110092. It will take atleast 15 working days time to deliver the gift by courier or registered post at your address

after the date TPPL receives the Gift Claim Form.

6. In case the gift is not delivered on the address of the customer and is returned back to TPPLs gift distribution office for

whatsoever reason, then such gift shall be delivered to the dealership from where the customer had booked the car

and communication about the same shall be given to the customer to collect the same from the dealership. If the

customer fails to collect the gift within 10 days of such communication, the gift shall be forfeited. No further

communication or demands from customer will be entertained in this regard.

7. All documents submitted with the gift claim form will become the property of TPPL and will not be returned. Please

retain a photocopy of your gift claim form and all documents submitted for your records.

8. No photocopy or fax or printout of the scratch cards will be entertained.

9. The gifts will be issued only on the name of the recipient whose name appears on the Gift claim form and the driving

license. The gifts cannot be exchanged with other gifts or substituted for cash.

10. Last date to receive your Gift claim form by TPPL is 31st Aug. 2016. No form will be entertained after the respective due


11. Please send all your documents through courier or registered post only. Proof of ordinary posting is not a proof of

receipt. No responsibility can be taken for items lost, delayed or damaged in the post or courier.

12. TPPL or MSIL or dealer is not responsible for the quality, suitability, guarantee or warranty of the assured gifts. The

same is the responsibility of the respective manufacturers.

13. Any verbal or written commitments made by dealers or staff of MSIL or any other person, which are not according to

the terms and conditions of this offer, will not be honored by TPPL.

14. Illegible / incomplete / invalid / wrongly filled gift claim forms will be rejected. Form once rejected will not be accepted

again in any manner. No new form will be issued against rejected forms. No duplicate form shall be provided under any

condition or circumstances.

15. Please note that this is an individual offer and not a family or a group offer. Only one gift will be issued on one name

and/or one address. One person cannot claim more than one gift.

16. The scratch cards are non transferable, non-encashable, non-negotiable and can be redeemed only once as per terms

and conditions. TPPL reserves the right to refuse to redeem the scratch cards if submitted by persons other than to

whom they were issued or authorized.

17. TPPL shall not be held responsible for any claims for scratch cards that are lost or late. The scheme is not valid for the

employees, family members of the employees or dealers/distributors of MSIL, or employees/ relatives of the dealers /

distributors of MSIL, and TPPL will not be liable to honour such gift requests.

18. TPPL & MSIL further reserve the right to withdraw this offer without notice in the event of war, earthquake,

catastrophe, strikes or similar events.

19. The Scratch Card Gift Claim form cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash. The Scratch card cannot be sold, resold

or traded, directly or indirectly under any circumstances by anybody.

20. The customers who win domestic air tickets for a couple under this scratch card offer will be sent the booking request

form within 15 working days after receiving the gift claim form. The booking request form for the domestic air tickets

will entitle the customer for a Couple Round Trip Air Tickets only for selected destinations. The list of the destinations

will be sent along with the booking request form. To avail the air tickets the customer has to send a DD of Rs. 1499/-

per person per way per ticket to TPPL towards airport taxes, fuel surcharges etc. This charge will remain fixed for all the

sectors and destinations given along with the booking request form. The customer will be asked to fill three different

destinations and dates for the air tickets. The earliest date of travel has to be 45 days after TPPL receives the booking

request form from the customer. The customers have to make their own arrangements for the to and fro travel from

their residence to the airports and vice-versa. The detailed terms and conditions of the air ticket vouchers will be given

on the booking request forms that will be sent to the customers.

21. By entering the offer all customers accept and agree to all the terms and conditions of this offer of their free will and

there is no compulsion or coercion or undue influence exerted upon the customer to participate in the offer or agree

the terms and conditions as mentioned herein above. Non-acceptance of any of these terms and conditions will result

in disqualification from the offer. The customer warrants that they are of sound mind, of requisite legal age, have

clearly understood the offer details. The customer further agrees that the participation in this offer does not call for

any entry fee being charged by MSIL from the customers.

22. The customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Company, its directors, officers, employees, agents,

affiliates and suppliers from any liability, loss, claim and expense (including reasonable legal fees) directly or indirectly

related to (i) the customer's breach of this agreement, and (ii) the customer's providing Contents/details to MSIL.

23. All disputes arising out of this contest shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts in Delhi only.

24. This scheme is not valid in the state of Tamil Nadu.

25. Please call us at 011-65154400 strictly on working days (Monday to Friday) from 10:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. only for any

queries regarding this offer. You can also e-mail your queries on marutialtobookingoffer@gmail.com. Please retain a

photocopy of the scratch card with you.

How to redeem

1. Kindly fill the gift claim form with your details. All fields are mandatory.

2. To claim the gift please send:

 The original completely filled claim form and the original scratch card

 A photocopy of your valid driving licence.

 A photocopy of the booking amount receipt.

 A photocopy of test drive form

3. No claim will be entertained if any or all of the 3 necessary documents mentioned in the point 2 are not received.

4. The gifts will be sent within 15 working days from the date of receiving the valid gift claim form.

5. In case the gift is not delivered on the mentioned address then the gift will be delivered to the dealership from where

you have booked the vehicle.

6. No gifts will be dispatched for rejected requests.

Claim period: The gift claim form with all the necessary documents must be received on or before 31st Aug. 2016 to the

following address:

Team Promotions Private Limited

C-30, 2nd Floor, Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi – 110092

For any queries – You can call us at 011 – 65154400 or mail us at marutialtobookingoffer@gmail.com from Monday to Friday

between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to enquire about your claim